Flex space opens on balcony
Kitchen wrapped in custom NC pine
Full sized range + 'fridge included
Each cottage shows unique style
Guests love the 3 covered porches.
Only 1 left! All others are pre-sold
You can see U.T. just 2 mi. away
Looking into bedroom from flex space
Half-bath optional under stairway
Ceramic tiled bathroom
A walk in the woods after work
The Sunsphere is a 2.5 mi. bike ride
No pesticides used to remove Ivy
Rental goats from R V Farms
Thanks to Paris Woodhull
Step 1 - Frame in 6 inch thick walls
Step 2 - Energy Star doors, windows
Step 3 - Enjoy TINY electric bills
Full-sized stairway is safe and easy
1st floor example
2nd floor example
Joan Monaco (rt), our site designer
5 ' wide office space under stairs
Solid wood doors throughout
640SF feels BIG with 3 porches
Morning sun fills your windows
Recycled-glass is green + local
'Fridge, dishwasher, range included
A great pantry + large closets
Your choice of 6 counter top colors
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Celebrate urban green living in Knoxville.

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A great pantry + large closets