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Richard & Chris Duncan built their passive solar home here 25 years ago, having migrated from New Orleans. Richard is a historian and retired attorney; Chris is a biologist and retired school principal.  We are so impressed with the way tiny houses meet the 21st-century challenge to live well using less, we wanted to find a way for Knoxville to participate.  As retirees, we  are downsizing our lives bit by bit, getting rid of stuff we don't need, making space for what we truly care about. We are on the road to tiny living, but not there yet :)


David Kerns, founder of Kerns Construction, Inc. has over 20 years experience building custom homes in the Knoxville area. 

Richmond Orchard urban cottages are the smallest and greenest homes he has built to date.   He has built, remodeled and created additions to dozens of upscale homes. Prior to establishing his construction business, he served in the U. S. Air Force and as an Assistant Department Director for Knox County.


Joan Monaco is a landscape and architectural designer and co-owner of Black Willow Design: a Knoxville-based design-build firm focusing on ecological site solutions and native plant communities.  Joan helped guide Chris and Richard in refining their vision for the community-oriented site layout, amenities, and house designs. She also assisted with efforts to reach out to the surrounding community and led early discussions with the City of Knoxville to gain approval and support for the project.

Friends of Richmond Orchard

✶ Mark Wassenaar, of Virtuous Products, Inc., who manufactures our recycled glass counters and invented Sedonite, right next door in Lenoir City. (virtuousproductsinc.com)

✶ David Bolt, who educated and encouraged us from the get-go at The East TN Permaculture Research Institute lab and demo site in SoKno.


Paris Woodhull, hometown illustrator and entrepreneur who literally put Richmond Orchard on the map 


​✶ Polly Doka, dedicated volunteer and Secretary of Knoxville's Community Action Committee Board 

Carla Bryant, former Knoxvillista who invented this website for us.  She designed building-site sign too.

​✶ Miranda Jones, professional photographer, some of whose photos you see on this site

✶ Sarah Hurst, of Rocky Mountain Real Estate, guides tours, designed our brochure, and just brings people together.

✶ Patrick Bardsley, founder of GateWay Knoxville, providing new Richmond Orchard home owners 1 year unlimited delivery of groceries, etc. ($150 value).


Celebrate urban green living in Knoxville.

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